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Keep our adult community engaged in learning

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It's an astonishing statistic. Every 8 seconds someone in America turns 65 years old. Older adults represent the fasting growing population in our country and they are expected to outgrow young adults 2 to 1 in the next few years. Often as we age, and our lives transition, the potential for social isolation increases.

Our mission at Arts Escape is to provide enrichment programs - classes, lectures, workshops, concerts and more, to nurture your potential, enliven your spirit and experience the joy of the Arts at any age. Over 1,200 students have participated in our programs and discovered a place to explore their creative potential, while engaging with their peers.

Now more than ever, we need programs that help keep this community healthy, engaged and thriving. Please join us by supporting Arts Escape in our community. Your donation has the potential to make a difference in the lives of so many.