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Bring Music Back To Our Gallery

Your Donation Can Help Us Buy A New Piano

$620 raised

$10,000 goal

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Our gallery was silenced last December by an unfortunate incident. A pipe burst in our bathroom sending a flood of water through our gallery, destroying the integrity of our well loved piano in the process.

You can help us continue to have our beautiful music enjoyed by the many folks who visit Arts Escape by making a donation to offset the cost of a new piano. Sadly our repairman, Doug Mahard, has determined that it can't be saved and we will soon have to buy a new one.

Our piano was a cherished gift by one of our dear friends and supporters Jean VanLoon. The cost of a new one is more than we can afford and we will have to cancel many of our upcoming concerts until we can purchase a new one.

Our music is enjoyed by hundreds of folks of all ages in the Southbury community, and especially by our seniors, who are brought to Arts Escapes by care givers and loved ones.

You can be our hero and bring back the music to our gallery. Our need is immediate. We would be so grateful for your help.

The Arts Escape Family